®E.Kobisch Miana

Après le déluge - ou la véritable histoire réinventée de Humbaba, Enkidu et Gylgamesh

Cie Maria Ménestrel, Julien Alembik et Isabelle Vesseron (CH, FR, NE)


La Place Saint-Maur Friday Saturday Sunday


Age: from 6 years old


A multidisciplinary tale inspired by the heroes, goddesses and gods of pre-diluvian and Hindu mythologies, Après le déluge takes us on a dreamlike journey in the footsteps of the Sumerian hero Gylgamesh, dragging Enkidu into his insane project to conquer the forest of Humbaba. On stage, eight masked performers, dancers/musicians/actors bring to life the distant archetypal figures of whom we are the heirs. At their side, thanks to the "Majakachik big book" - a device for visualizing sound waves - we will be able to see with our own eyes that sound is matter and matter is life.

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