Practical information


The Festival site opens at 5pm from Tuesday to Friday and at 11am from Saturday to Sunday.

Information stand

The information stand is at Cathédrale Sud and is open between 5pm and midnight.


Festival de la Cité Lausanne, Place de la Cathédrale 12, CH-1005 Lausanne 

Tel.: +41 21 311 03 75


Ask for Angela

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, facing harassment, or feeling nlike you have been drugged without your knowledge, ask to see “Angela” at the nearest bar or info stand. The staff will then help you to get out of any problematic situation discreetly.

If you loose your child

En cas de perte d'enfant, adressez-vous aux Samaritains, situés face à l'entrée de la cathédrale. C'est le lieu de rendez-vous idéal à donner à vos enfants si vous vous perdez de vue!

Returnable tableware

To limit the use of single-use plastic during the festival, plates and cutlery are consigned this year.

The stands will serve you in consigned dishes, you pay the deposit with your dish: 2 CHF per plate, 2 CHF per bowl, 1 CHF per fork, 1 CHF per knife.

You can bring your tableware back at the bars of the Festival and at Tridel. 

Public reception

The shows of this edition will take place around the Cité, in the center of Lausanne, as well as in other areas in the City. The Festival Staff will be happy to welcome you there and to give you all the useful information on site. They will also help with the placement of the public in case of larger crowds.

The Festival Staff is recognizable by its T-shirt.

Baby area

The baby area is open from 5pm to 10pm to parents with their young children (0-3 years). It offers a place to change your baby, breastfeed or feed your baby any other way, as well as some animations. It is located in the Courtyard of the Gymnasium.

First aid

A first aid post is at your service at the top of the stairs of the market in the "Salle des Français", place de la Cathédrale 1.


The Festival de la Cité Lausanne hires Protect Service for the surveillance of the site during the night. This service works in close collaboration with the police and the fire department, and contributes to your enjoyment of the Festival. In case of an incident, please follow the instructions of the organizers.


San Vistas at the Verger de l'Hermitage

In the beautiful orchard behind the Hermitage Museum, between the forest and the city, the San Vistas will delight you on the weekend of 9 and 10 July starting from 10 am. Pablo Reyes del Canto and Sourasack Phonphet will welcome you with a cuisine merging Asia, Europe and South America, brimming with the imagination of these two inspired chefs. More about this project here. 

Food stands in the Cité

In each main food emplacement in the Cité (at the Place du Château, l'Esplanade de la Cathédrale, la route Pierre Viret, in the Cour du Gymnase), you will find a large diversity of cuisine: classic, exotic, vegetarian and vegan options as well as an array of desserts to enjoy during your time at the Festival. 

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Access, transport, accommodation

Acces by foot

The Festival takes place in the Cité district. For all those who come to the Festival on foot, just go to the cathedral of Lausanne and you are in the heart of the Festival.

Public transport

Public transport
Consult timetables in real time, save favorites and buy your tickets from a smartphone. The tl App is your personal travel assistant. Simplify your journeys and download the app on the App Store or Google Play. You can also find the Lausanne public transport timetables on the official tl website


By metro  
From Lausanne train station (about 20 minutes on foot), take the M2, direction Croisettes, and get off at Riponne-Maurice Béjart or Bessières.
Every 6 minutes approximately.


By bus  
From St-François, Bus 8, direction Grand-Mont, stop Bessières. Every 10 min approximately.

By train
If you are looking for the train schedules to come to and from Lausanne, check the official website of the Swiss Federal Railways.

By Car 

Be eco-friendly; you can come by car by carpooling. The Festival encourages you to carpool by using websites like

For Festival-goers coming by car, there are a couple parkinghouses close by: The parkinghouse of the Riponne, du Valentin, and du Rôtillon. They are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Staying in Lausanne +41 21 613 73 73 Lausanne has multiple accommodation solutions that can be used during the Festival, ranging from 5 star hotels to Bed and Breakfasts, from rural tourism to camping grounds.

To access the venues outside of the Cité, you can take the m2 in the direction of Sallaz or Croisettes, or take different busses, and get out at these stops:


La Friche du Vallon 
M2: CHUV (11 min walk) Bus 8 direction Grand Mont: Place du Nord (5 min walk)

Le Verger de l'Hermitage 
Bus 16 direction Grand Vennes: Hermitage (3 min walk)

Les Magasins de la Ville 
M2: Chuv or Sallaz (10 min walk) Bus 8 direction Grand Mont: Place du Nord (9 min walk)

M2: Sallaz (2 min walk) Bus 16 direction Grand Vennes: Signal (6 walk) Bus 6 direction Praz-Séchaud: Sallaz (2 min walk)

Les Bois de Sauvabelin 
Sallaz (10 min walk) Bus 16 direction Grand Vennes: Signal (3 min walk)

La Tour de Sauvabelin 
M2: Sallaz (15 min walk) Bus 16 direction Grand Vennes: Signal (6 min walk)



All venues are also accessible by foot (time calculated with departure from the Cathedral):


La Friche du Vallon  10 min walk

Le Verger de l'Hermitage 13 min walk

Les Magasins de la Ville  14 min walk

Tridel  20 min walk

Les Bois de Sauvabelin  25 min walk

La Tour de Sauvabelin  29 min walk