Bal populaire Kriol

Festa Afro Tuga Djs, Riba d'Hora, Celeste Mariposa (PT, CH, FR, CV)


Le Bal de la Mercerie

To celebrate it's fiftieth birthday, the Festival de la Cité has the pleasure of inviting you to a ball. If you like to dance with a partner, alone, or in a group, this is the place for you. The atmosphere and the music are different every evening, reflecting the diversity of the audiences that the festival has been bringing brought together since half a century.  


Popular Kriol Ball 


It is to the colours of Cape Verde and the rhythms of Portuguese-speaking African music that the Bal de la Mercerie vibrates for its last dance. An evening concocted with the complicity of the Festa Afro Tuga Djs of Brussels and Lisbon to celebrate the Afro-Portuguese musical culture and its dances. funaná, of course, but not only ! 

Riba d'Hora is a group formed by five Cape Verdeans living between France and Switzerland. This lively quintet, with its contagious energy on stage, mixes the roots of funaná with more contemporary sounds. Born in the 1960s and banned by the Portuguese colonialists for the values of justice and freedom it advocated, this traditional music and dance with its frenzied rhythms is emblematic of Cape Verde. Built around the gaita (a small accordion) and the ferrinho (an iron bar scraped with a knife to create a rhythm), the funaná spreads fever on the dance floor! 

Celeste / Mariposa is a dj from Lisbon who has been creating a stir since 2010 with a set that is anything but conventional: gems inspired by the African 'bailes' of the five former Portuguese colonies (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe). Most of these recordings are totally unknown in the West, but Afrobaile is the hot, swinging crucible of groove. This artist offers a selection of instrumental funaná from Cape Verde, raw merengue from Angola, but also semba, gumbé from Guinea-Bissau and marrabenta from Mozambique. Dancing like there's no tomorrow! 


17h30-19h00 Festa Afro Tuga Djs 

19h00-20h00 Riba d'Hora  

20.00-22.00 Celeste / Mariposa 

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