© Kris Dewitte 1/2
© Kris Dewitte 2/2


MOVEDBYMATTER, Collectif Malunés (BE)


Friche du Vallon Friday Saturday Sunday

Age: all ages (recommended for children above 6 years old)

Limited space. Attention, no bathroom at the Friche du Vallon.


BITBYBIT mixes a classic circus technique (Jaws of Steel) with a visual story that tells of two inseparable brothers (Simon and Vincent Bruyninckx from the Collectif Malunés). They play a dangerous game of attraction and repulsion, at the limit of their physical capacities, and at only a few centimeters away from the audience. Their sensitive and spectacular dual vibrates to the haunting soundtrack by Dijf Sanders. BITBYBIT is the physical dissection of a brotherhood, the ultimate attempt at reunion. For the first time, these two brothers meet on stage. 

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