Discussion en direct sur radio 40

radio 40 (CH)

Jardin du Petit Théâtre Friday Saturday Sunday

Carte blanche - radio 40

Discussion moterated by Camille Chirine Zaerpour. 

The round table on the 8th of July will feature Cecilia Moya Rivera, Max Léo Hauri, Elvis Aloys, Adrien and Gab (Novoboy).

For the round table on the 9th of July, the participants will be Tsilla and Verveine. 

For these two days, the subject will be the cultural milieu of Lausanne in the broadest sense. We will also talk about culture on the move during the pandemic and the cultural activities of each guest. 

For the round table on July 10th, three members of the Love Machine team (Alexandra, Emma, Eleonora) will be present. 

We will link the readers' club and the following talk in one block, during which we will talk about "books of the heart" and the music related to certain readings ("the music that has accompanied your readings, the albums and songs that evoke passages from books (or vice versa), the books that have been adapted to the cinema and their soundtracks"), a theme chosen and prepared by the Love Machine. 


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