Kiki House of Phoenix

Kiki House of Phoenix (CH)


Le Bal de la Mercerie

To celebrate it's fiftieth birthday, the Festival de la Cité has the pleasure of inviting you to a ball. If you like to dance with a partner, alone, or in a group, this is the place for you. The atmosphere and the music are different every evening, reflecting the diversity of the audiences that the festival has been bringing brought together since half a century.  


The Kiki House of Phoenix is a local house created by Father Hanzy, Mother Bruna and God Mother Tokyo Phoenix. It is the first Swiss Kiki House of performers participating in local and international balls. Bruna and Hanzy are the pioneers of swiss ballroom culture. 


Discover different activities: 

Presentation of the history and culture of the Ballroom scene

Voguing workshop

Show by the Kiki House of Phoenix

DJ set and open stage

Vers le haut