Usine Tridel

After five incredible world tours and a forced hiatus, the KOKOKO! collective comes back under a new guise for this summer 2022 tour. The next KOKOKO! EP is focusing on a more percussive and electronic style called“zagué” (always ready, watchful, on the lookout) it will reflect the atmospheres of night time Kinshasa, when the city is getting dark, the streets crowded in an ambiance of blasting distorted sound system powered by generators noises and smoke, necessary to bring lights and music here and there fighting the blackouts of the busy capital. Lead by Xavier Thomas aka Débruit and the self-titled « seigneur de l’ambiance » Makara Bianko, this special formula focuses on the Zagué subgenre, one of the many underground branches of the Kinshasa sound, inspired by infinite electronic loops, distorted by an overpowered PA and serving as an hypnotical background for the growling voice of Makara. Built from scratch and defying musical categorization, these new sounds are the beating heart of the shady downtown clubs, celebrating to help forget as much as possible the harsh realities of everyday life in Kinshasa.

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