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Liquid Families

Nicole Seiler (CH)


Arsenic Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


In collaboration with Arsenic

It is possible to enter and leave the performance at will


Continuing the exploration of voice in the choreographic field, the moving choir at work in Liquid Families combines professional and amateur performers. Over the course of several hours, Liquid Families explores the mechanisms of collaboration and constructs an installation designed with the visual artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg enzhinger. Framed by a precise process and an essential qaulity of listening, Liquid Families attempts to form a group whose choreographic gestures and voices are so harmonious that the transformation, although improvised, is experienced by all simultaneously.
As in rituals, what is important here is the process – the cooperation and creation of a temporary community, in which voice and movement are linked, turning the body into a total instrument.

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