Anita Kirppis B2B Marara Kelly

Anita Kirppis (CH, FR, SV), Marara Kelly (BR)


Usine Tridel

Embodying a deconstructed, hybrid and decolonial underground musical universe, Geneva-based DJ Anita Kirppis translates her Eurolatina heritage into the present and contributes to the revival of alternative club music. With her mixes of warm and soaring melodies, Anita Kirppis generates a lot of glitter, as much emotion as perspiration, and above all collective trance. To do this, she joyfully mixes Afro-Latin sunset beats with techno, EDM and dancehall, thus (re-)giving them their full place and legitimacy on a scene that has historically deprecated or forgotten them.

Marara Kelly is a Brazilian DJ who has returned to Europe, bringing with her from her country everything that moves, shakes and rubs the body and the soul. Her musical approach starts from the sounds of the Brazilian Amazon where she was born, and crosses with the baile funk of Rio, where she lived for several years. Mixing for her means being able to share a part of what is happening in her body, while a Brazilian body means being able to mix her culture with unknown bodies through music, dance and her artistic practice, performance.

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