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Natures Mortes

Cie Moost (CH)


Wednesday Saturday Sunday

To attend the performances on saturday the 9th and sunday the 10th, which includes a snack, no registration is required. A payment of 5 CHF is required on site. Snack cooked with love by Racines. 

Age: from 6 years old

Natures Mortes is a late-night show that you watch around noon.
Natures Mortes is a Christmas playlist that you listen to in March in a retirement home.
Natures Mortes is karaoke that no one listens to, with a full glass from the night before still on the table.
Natures Mortes is about flimsy tables, peanuts falling on the floor, plastic wigs and a wise dog.
Natures Mortes is livingroom circus, a few hiccups, neurasthenic theatre, and other words that nobody understands.


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