Nerds (mini fanfare déjantée, reprises de tubes des années 90) + DJ Set

Nerds (mini fanfare déjantée, reprises de tubes des années 90) + DJ Set (BE)


Le Bal de la Mercerie

To celebrate it's fiftieth birthday, the Festival de la Cité has the pleasure of inviting you to a ball. If you like to dance with a partner, alone, or in a group, this is the place for you. The atmosphere and the music are different every evening, reflecting the diversity of the audiences that the festival has been bringing brought together since half a century.  


A musical project of a mini brass band led by 4 clumsy uptight people who put on an absurd and offbeat show. Big sound projected by asocial overgraduates. "With their extraordinary natural charisma and their well-honed flexibility that allows them to make extensive use of their bodies, they offer you a genuine show worthy of Las Vegas, with choreographed routines and hair-raising surprises. They first conducted a thorough study of "the internal mechanisms structuring the pulse and melody of a mass-produced musical product". They then moved on to applied research, and at their concerts they analysed the feedback loops between brass band and target audience. The surprising result: "The more you move your body, the better we play".

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