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Pourvu que la mastication ne soit pas longue

Hakim Bah, Juan Ignacio Tula et Arthur Bartlett Gillette (FR, AR, GN)


Cathédrale Nord Saturday Sunday

The fruit of the encounter between three artists, three disciplines, three continents, Pourvu que la mastication ne soit pas longue dives into the heart of a case that shook North America. On the 4th of February 1999, Amadou Diallo, a young Guinean man, is shot with forty-one bullets in the Bronx by four New York police officers. Hakim Bah, author of this play, joins forces with Juan Ignacio Tula, a circus artist and dancer, virtuoso of the Cyr wheel, and Arthur B. Gillette, founder of the band Moriarty, guitarist and composer. By combining their practices, they take up the subject of police violence to offer a dense and poetic documented fiction.

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