Priscitouf The First

Priscitouf The First (CH)


Cathédrale Nord

Priscitouf The First aka The Last Zaïrian, an extraordinary artist but above all a soul, an energy, a vision of elevation. Zing Empire is her kingdom, her ideology, her vision. One motto: "ZING EMPIRE ALWAYS LIKOLO". Of Congolese origin (DRC) born in Geneva, the artist reveals the 50 nuances of her Art between Afro Lofi, Dubstep, Krump dance, Trap, Rumba, passing from slam to rap, singing to Afro Drill, Priscitouf The First seeks to make us travel in her interiority by breaking the codes of propriety. With words of truth and an affirmed spirituality. Moved by the Holy Spirit, the artist goes from town to town in order to spread the message. According to her, true artists are the new prophets whose ultimate role is to awaken consciences.

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