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Résilience mon cul

Cie SNAUT, Joël Maillard (CH)


La Place Saint-Maur Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Age: recommanded for people aged 14 and up 


Résilience mon cul is an (almost) non self-censored and an (almost) compromise-free stand-up show, with some very funny, or sinister, songs, it depends.
On stage there will be a microphone, a human and an old synthesizer.
The staging will be quite bare. 
My lyrics will not always be ironic or poetic, and will state a more or less clear-sighted and optimistic view of our common future.
The quota of punchlines will be respected and some will fall flat.
I will talk vaguely (and laterally) about resilience, and a little bit (but more frontally) about my ass. But I'll also touch on interesting topics like baby boxes or blasphemy meditation.

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