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Mercedes Dassy (BE)


La Châtelaine Thursday Friday

Dancer and choreographer Mercedes Dassy uses her body as a weapon, as a tool, an obstacle, a space of exploration, a super-object, as a vector of her commitment to total struggle. Articulating a choreographic, political and aesthetic triangulation, the young artist condenses her reflexions on the world, connected to feminism and rooted in the present. As part of the open performative cycle of her previous soli i-Clit and B4 Summer (created at the Pays de Danses 2020 festival), RUUPTUUR shifts from the individual to the collective in the form of a female quartet. The piece examines the notion of rupture, whether social, intimate, political, rhythmic, or emotional, as a vital necessity. A nocturnal, liberating ritual, RUUPTUUR calls upon mythological-futuristic figures, centauress-cyborgs, half-divine, half-plastic, to overcome the fear of change and to pulverize prevailing morosity.

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