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Try Walking in my Hooves

Soya the Cow (CH)

Wednesday Thursday

The walk at 6 PM starts at the Marches du Pont Bessières and ends at Plateforme 10.

The walk at 8 PM starts at Plateforme 10 and ends at the Marches du Pont Bessières.

The spoken language during the walk will be french.


For Try Walking in my Hooves, Soya the Cow takes the audience on a philosophical walk through the city. The focus is deliberately on the presence of non-human bodies: dogs walking their friends. Pigeons that have transformed a monument into their toilet. Bodies of killed animals that are carried through the streets by humans as food or clothing. Soya the Cow invites a change of perspective that challenges visual habits and self-image. In a playful and musical way, she calls for a new constitution of the relationship between humans and animals, based on our common animality.

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