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Age: accessible from birth up to 3-4 years of age. 


Twinkle is simultaneously a performance and an immersive, sensitive and poetic installation. A creation for a very young audience, it is aimed at toddlers and babies with their families and/or caretakers. Young and old are settled close to the ground around an aerian, autonomous structuremade of bamboo, sharing emotions from up close. An aerian dancer, a singer and a percussionist create a universe where the relations between the eath, the sun and the moon lead the public to the sensations and emotions of the sense of passing - from the earth to the sky, from night to day...

The time of the performance itself is the time to recieve, to feel, to see and to hear. Following up is a time for interaction inside of the scenography of the performance, treated as an installation to be explored in a playfull way, where the artists invite the audience to move : the time to express oneself, to play and to take action. 

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