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bullet time

Maya Masse, Louis Schild et Wrestler (CH, FR)


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Defending oneself, a philosophy of violence by Elsa Dorlin


To a certain extent, these non-violent or violent forms of self-defence are distinguished not in the opposition between passivity and activity, weakness and strength, but rather in the temporality of active defence and its effects. Non-violent understanding takes note of a long time of struggles, accepts violence as a way of " processing " history, of diverting its course with wear and tear, so to speak. The action of and through non-violence is then considerably laborious, it wears out the bodies involved as much as history. Now, in the face of this non-violent approach to defence, the second, violent position reverses logic: these political strategies of self-defence take note of the fact that it is only possible to make history through irruption and shock - when "violence meets violence". It is no longer a question of wearing down history, it is a question of revolution. It is the metaphor of the strike and not of the plane. And, in these conditions, when faced with the barrel of a gun pointed at you, you have to respond with a shot.



Born in the 2000s in the poor neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, krump is a very fast, ultra-expressive urban dance, sometimes seemingly violent, which channels and sublimates the dancers' energies, emotions, stories and inner and outer struggles.


bullet time

a body that resists in the form of endless endurance

Subverting - upsetting the order of time -, undoing a krump passage, wearing it down, confronting it with variations in temporality.

Violence VS non-violence is translated as real time VS slow time.

bullet time investigates the violence that resides in a body. What is a body that revolts? That resists? Which defends itself? How far can it allow time to stretch, before responding to violence with violence? How many blows can it receive before pulling the trigger that will send the bullet flying? How long can a muscle slow down and tense up, defying gravity, before letting go and taking the whole body down with it? Questioning resistance, non-violent defence through the tension of muscle, duration, the quality of a gesture, for the sole duration of a bullet.

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