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Les voix féministes radicales et dissidentes

Kaziwa Raim, Léa Peev, Révoltétons-nous!, Rébecca Chaillon (CH, FR), Loose Antenna (CH)

Jardin du Petit Théâtre

Carte blanche - Loose Antenna


Loose Antenna invites you to a discussion with the collective Révoltétons-nous, Léa, feminist boxing teacher at Le Vallon, Kaziwa Raim, producer of the podcast L'inConfortable, and the artist Rébecca Chaillon, stage director of Où la Chèvre est attachée il faut qu'elle broute. This exchange aims to question the place of feminist, dissident and/or radical voices in the public space. We start from the observation that the political word put forward in our society is mainly carried by so-called moderate voices or by men. We wish to question the way in which our speakers manage to impose their political postures and the artistic, intellectual, militant and physical strategies that they mobilise to impose themselves and to be heard and/or seen in public space.

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